World-Class Sustainable
Biofuel Products

At Shaw Renewables, we’re committed to a sustainable future. By converting local biomass waste into high-quality biofuel products, we’re reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and protecting the environment. From wood pellets to equine bedding, we offer top-of-the-line products for eco-conscious consumers.

Our Products

Eastern Embers

Elevate your home heating with Eastern Embers—Premium wood pellets with superior performance and world-class quality

Pure Energy

Sustainable and efficient heating, powered by our wood pellet fuel

Eastern Flame

Light up your fire with eco-friendly, high-performance wood briquettes

Bulk Wood Pellets

Elevate your heating with our commercial-grade wood pellets for clean, efficient warmth


Superior Bedding for Happier Horses—Low Dust, High Absorption

The Shaw Group is one of Eastern Canada’s leading community developers, residential builders and natural resource manufacturers, employing approximately 600 people and producing nearly 1,000 individual products. With a 160-year history, the company has a reputation for reliable products, strong leadership, and innovation.